A-Z Custom Initial Letter Sneaker Blings

The charm for any occasion. Choose your initial and express your individuality in style! This bling comes in all letters of the English alphabet, ranging from…

Angel Wing Sneaker Bling

Sneaker bling angel wings not only represent the ability to fly but also suggest speed, quickness, and improvement of their wearer. Wings come in two…

Celtic Holy Trinity Knot Sneaker Bling

These triquetra sneaker blings not only represent many things, such as unity, protection, and everlasting life. The Celtic triple knot shoe charms are great to…

Smiley Sneaker Bling

The smiley sneaker bling is great for any occasion, bring on the positivity to your shoes and share it with the world! These blings come…

Sneaker Crease Protectors

Don't let your fresh shoes crease with a pair of our sneaker protectors. Created from weatherproof bendy soft plastic, made to fit any shoe model.…