About Us



Backed with sneaker culture in mind.

The brand was founded in April of the year 2022 by an avid sneakerhead, Ralfs (Ruby) Rubīns, when he was out buying new kicks for himself, he noticed how generic sneakers have become, every other person in the shoe store had a pair of white Air Force 1's or Jordans. Thus, the missing link in user-friendly sneaker personalization was born called SneakerBlings.

Ralfs Rubīns
sneaker with bling

In a sea of fish, be the starfish!

Our goal is to make sneaker personalization available for the general public, encouraging others to be different and stand out by giving generic shoes some bling.

We aim to start a new fashion trend within the sneaker & shoe culture by personalizing your own kicks with themed sneaker blings, charms, and other sneaker accessories.

Our core values.

By crafting a great product, we want to make sure the customer is always satisfied, thus we set our values to be end-user focused, whether it is an everyday sneaker wearer or an athlete wanting to spice up their shoe game.

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Easy Install

Simply slide the sneaker blings on your shoelaces, and you're done!
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Almost as light as a feather, you won't even feel a difference on foot.
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Guaranteed Quality

We use rigid material, which ensures our sneaker blings are durable and weatherproof.

Follow the brand.

We are always looking for sneaker models to work with. Got a pair of fresh kicks? Send us a DM! Stay up to date with new releases & follow the @SneakerBlings brand venture, taking part in monthly bling giveaways on TikTok & Instagram.